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I started life early. I had a son aged 21 and launched my first company by the age of 23.

Since then I’ve experienced the phenomenal highs of building two multi-million pound businesses from scratch, and the character-crushing failure of losing absolutely everything… and then having to build myself back from nothing.

By the age of 33 everything in life was going pretty swimmingly. I had grown two multi-million businesses from scratch and the life to go with it; a beautiful wife, the home of my dreams, a collection of cars, holidays around the world, even a powerboat!

That was until my 11 year old son Harvey (that’s him in the photo with me) passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.

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Luke and Harvey

My whole life since I was 21 had been planned around him; and not just the present. All my hopes and dreams for the future naturally had revolved around him. A future that now quite simply and suddenly did not exist.

As I struggled to make sense of what had happened I really struggled. I made a lot of mistakes. I lost my drive, my motivation and everything else too… my marriage, my home (twice) and my businesses.

I went from a happy, successful family life with all the trimmings to less than a couple of month’s rent to my name. I remember walking around London desperately trying to find work. I’d pass by homeless people thinking, “I have weeks to find work or that’s me”.

In a few short years I lost everything I had ever lived for both personally and professionally.

As a consequence I fell into some major mental health issues; anxiety and depression took hold in a huge way.

It has taken one hell of a battle, but luckily for me I am through the other side of that terrible journey. I am now passionate about inspiring people to believe they can achieve anything they can set their mind to, and recover from anything that life throws at you.

I’m also passionate about promoting the understanding and acceptance of mental health, especially for those who have not been so lucky and are still stuck in such an isolated, desolate place.

I speak at events, festivals and in businesses. I also run a series of mental monthly health groups as well as helping people privately on a one-to-one basis.

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