“As a protection expert and an industry member who is outspoken about mental health, we were delighted to have Luke speak at the COVER Mental Health Forum last month. A charismatic force of nature, he told his moving story of profound loss, inspirational recovery and personal self-discovery with vigour and passion – audience members were even in tears.”

Adam Saville, Editor, Cover Magazine

“We were overwhelmed by the power of Luke’s motivational speech at Albany Park. He has the ability to fully capture his audience and get them thinking on a completely different level. Our team were lifted to a new height following Luke’s visit. We’d welcome him back any time and would highly recommend him to any business”

Paul Foody, COO, Inchora Group

Inchora Team

“Moving, gutsy and inspirational. I’m full of admiration”
“Deeply emotional, yet funny and also incredibly insightful”
“Your talk today has given me extra inner strength”
“Compelling, you could hear a pin drop in the room. Excellent”
“He was incredible touching & heart-breaking”
“Unique perspective”
“Wow incredible guy”
“I am grateful that Luke shared his story with us”
“Great to hear his very poignant story”
“A tough story, told really well”

Various comments from attendees of my talks